I like gardening! I had started this tradition of mine when I was about five years old. The first plant I planted was the roselle plant. It grew beautiful flowers and its dark red sepals can be boiled with water to produce a flavoured drink! Sadly, a disease struck the plant and it withered.

Now, I started to plant vegetables! I am now growing choy sum or commonly known as cai xin, white baby pak choy(nai bai) and yin choy(amaranth green).

This is my little garden that I just started a few weeks ago. It is made from bricks stacked on top of each other. It looks like this:



For the soil, I layered a lot of leaves, then a layer some dirt, some compost and finally, some soil. For a few days, it smelled really bad as the rotting compost, is only covered with a shallow layer of dirt. The compost is made from kitchen waste.


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